Whitecap Charters rates for 2023


1/2 Day trip (5 hours)



$700.00 for 1-6 persons.                  

For groups larger than 6 persons,additional boats will be required.                   

Full Day trip (9 hours).                     

6:00 a.m.-3:00p.m.        

$1,100.00– up to 6 persons.                 

Evening hours are also available


To Aid Your Comfort Bring . . .

Food and beverages
Suitable Clothing to match the weather
Large Cooler to carry your fish home
Soft-soled shoes
Michigan Fishing license and trout stamp or one day license

Call 231-883-7530 to book your fishing adventure with Capt Jack Duffy.

We are happy to help arrange for lodging, photographs and taxidermy. You may use our catering services or bring your own food and beverages; either way, be sure to have a cooler so you can take your catch home.

Fishing on the Whitecap is a great place to entertain clients, family, friends, and the captain’s professionalism and experience ensures the safest and most enjoyable charter possible. If you’re looking for a small town with great beaches and the best fresh water fishing in the world you found it! Leland is a great place to visit and fish.

Carlson’s fish market is there and they do a good job filleting, bagging and icing them in your cooler. They smoke fish too. When we get back to the dock I’ll (you’ve got to help me) carry the cooler over to the fish market which is only a few steps away. While we do this someone in your group can grab your empty cooler for the fillets and we’ll put it on top of my cooler. It really helps the fish cleaners to have a cooler to put your fillets in and it speeds things up when the charter boats come in all at once and they won’t yell at me for not doing it right…they don’t yell, but they do sometimes give ugly looks to the captain when the empty cooler isn’t there.